Farm & Forest sits upon four acres of forested fields at Springville Farms in NW Portland, just beyond the Bethany neighborhood. Atop the property sits a family home with a large natural yard, as well as a nearby barn that overlooks a sloping pasture with forested trails at the bottom. As a nature school, we spend most of our days out in the yard or beyond. We find that most things that you can learn inside a classroom, you can learn outdoors too! 


At Farm & Forest Nature School, our mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, nature-based environment for students ages three to five to learn, explore, grow, find joy, experiment, and thrive. It is our belief that all students and humans should be free to express their uniqueness and individuality free of judgement. Above all, our philosophy is rooted in the emotional wellbeing of our students and our program is committed to providing a nurturing and intentional space for students to be who they are while they develop their understanding of the world.

In addition to emotional well-being and respect for individuality, sustainability and mindfulness towards the planet are other values that are near and dear to the program. Our monthly themes will include eco-related topics that empower students to gain skills in self-sufficiency and understand where food and products comes from and how to give back to the earth.